The Art of Being Yourself

From merely functioning to a fresh start.

Rediscover your true meaning in life and business.

Stop feeling like an impostor and leave your self-doubt behind.


Your emotional journey

Something in your life needs to change! Up until now, you’ve been more or less satisfied with your business or job. That is no longer the case.

Normally you have a plan! But now you are insecure, frustrated, and don’t find purpose in your work. There is no option to continue like this. You feel that right now is the time to head for a new shore.

You are searching for something more and ask yourself: What is the real problem? And what am I truly looking for?

I felt the same way for many years.
Maybe you just lost YOURSELF along the way…

You always have a choice because you are a divine spark in an ocean of possibilities.”

Angélique Morio

Your free 40 minutes Online Training

Imagine: Your dreams came true

You are sitting on the beach with a big smile on your face, looking at the ocean and feeling the sun on your skin.

You have finally found your uniqueness and your meaning. You feel who you really are and act accordingly. No matter what others say. Your inner unfolding is now coherent with your outer reality.

There is self-confidence and strength in you. You see yourself in a completely new light. Clarity and joyful expectation surround you. Your intuition guides you unerringly into the future.

Now you know what you want and feel the meaning of everything. You coherently decide for your business or job. You boldly stand up for yourself and your dreams. You walk your new path with conviction.

We accompany women who are merely functioning to take the crucial first steps for a fresh start with self-determination. Stop feeling like an impostor in life and business, and leave your self-doubt behind. 


Your Map to Fulfillment

We are convinced that everything you need is already inside you.
Our map shows you where you can travel.
Where to start? Inner development is not linear. It does not follow specific steps.
So, please trust your intuition. Feel: What is essential for you now?
We support you in discovering and living the awareness of your unique brilliance within yourself!

With us, you will have personalized 1:1 sessions to bring
you lovingly along your way.

Experiences and Results

We are so proud of our clients. Every day our clients surprise us by showing the enormous and positive changes that happen in their lives and businesses as a result of the mentoring programs we offer.

Dear Angélique, you are very professional, have an incredible presence and are 100% right with your answers. Simply and fabulously accurate.

Your sensitive yet very clear language gave me valuable information regarding my realignment and path.

There is no other person in my life I trust so much here, and I am happy about this gift. I would not want to miss your excellent guidance.

Ellen Bauder

Dear Angelique, you are the best thing that has happened to me in a long time. Through you, I had many wonderful insights. You were and are the trigger for smaller and also bigger changes of direction in my life, for which I am infinitely grateful to you.

I don’t know anyone who could hold a candle to you in your field. You combine logic, competence, empathy, wisdom, drive, and the strong will to offer your counterpart the added value he or she desires with your incomparable charm and your lively humor. This creates a space where both can meet at eye level and find solutions together.

Not to forget your connection to the spiritual world. Because the quality of your channelings is unique, so detailed and precise, so full of wisdom and truth, which of course can be uncomfortable at times.

Marion Meyer

Dear Angelique. without much detour and preliminaries you bring things to the point, which could not be more accurate.

The resulting insights are more than worth their weight in gold, provided you know how to take them.

What can I say? Every single minute of exchange with you is immensely enriching. Thank you for that.

Michael Hahn

Competence, cordial, clear. I am very enthusiastic about Angelique and her way of working.

She was able to say things about me that applied 100% to me. And that without giving her any information from me in advance.

She also explained to me how to deal with my problems and what I could do.

Angelique can help in business as well as on a personal and private level. She is a very warm and spiritual person who makes clear statements and works very competently.

I recommend her with a clear conscience.

Corine Flörchinger

Dear Angelique, I enjoy it with much pleasure to be able to fall back on your support.

The speed and precision in which you describe the SIGNIFICANCE to my current teammates in my life game are simply brilliant.

I especially like to ask you when I am faced with decisions and want to know what deeper messages the relationships involved hold for me.

And that’s not all: you also always have a little toy for me, which supports me in the current case”.

Steve Klapschuweit

Dear Angélique, for me you are an angel in human form. Already in the first free meeting you offered me a lot of added value and even more in the subsequent accompaniment. The combination of your medial and intuitive gifts with your rich experience as a business consultant is unique.

Your huge heart and your unbelievable accuracy make you THE contact person when someone is looking for clarity about their professional path. I recommend you wholeheartedly.

Gabriela Senn

Do you want to find out if this journey will help you achieve authentic and long-lasting results without having self-doubt or feeling overwhelmed?