When I started living my destiny, my soul started rolling out the red carpet for me.

Empower your Soul



It’s all inside you, eagerly waiting to be awakened:

So that you come into your inner power and realize who you really are.

So that you feel in tune with your heart and soul again.

So that you can follow your inner guideline …

… and illuminate the world with you light.

I will accompany you on this path, so that you can change this world positively
 with your own brilliance and authentic signature.

Your blind spot

Inside you know …

… what your purpose is,
… what you are brilliant at,
… what your authentic signature looks like,

…  and how to turn your hurdles into springboards

But sometimes you can’t see the woods for the trees.
Then you can’t see how far you have come.
Or don’t know what you can do.

Here I lovingly hold up a mirror to you,
so that you can reflect on your purpose and brilliance.

I encourage you to spread your wings and fly.
To wherever YOU want to go.

My talent

I bring you into your lightness and inner power.

So that something new and fruitful can emerge, magical and true.
I don’t stick to a script.

Our journey will be personalized and tailored to your needs and topics.

About me

I have been working in human resources development for over 30 years because people fascinate me.

For over 20 years I have worked as a coach, trainer, speaker, author, and management consultant in companies.

With the death of my grandma a clairvoyant part spilled to the surface.

Guided by my spiritual helpers, I see things that you don’t see yourself.

Guided by my mind, I accompany you on the path of your transformation.

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