Empower your soul

Grounded spirituality
for life and business

Are you leaving enough space for
your soul to work with you?

Take the quiz and find out

Change of Tide

Are you dissatisfied and feel that there is much more in you?

Are you wondering if you should be satisfied with what you have now?

Do you want to feel and live what makes YOU you?

Do you want to stop being held back by obstacles?

And finally bring your (business) ideas to life?

Discover you true potential!

Empower Your Soul

I am Angélique Morio,

As a sensitive entrepreneur, I accompany people to courageously slip out of their cocoon and give expression to the light-filled voice of their soul.

I have been a business consultant for over 2o years. My life’s work is to transform and heal people by reconnecting them with themselves.

Guided by my spiritual helpers, I see things you don’t see yourself.
Guided by my mind, I accompany you on the path of your transformation.

As an envoy of truth in love.
And for the highest good of all.

Your Star Map

Nine coordinates of connection to your higher self

With my medial gift and my experience as a business consultant, I guide you to take 9 steps.

They will bring you on your way, into your power, ease and clarity.

Slide 1
Step 1: I live my potential!
grounded and powerful
Step 2: I follow my life stream!
intuitive and playful
Step 3: I am aware of my opponents!
independent and free
Step 4: I am all-knowing and unknowing!
mighty and carefree
Step 5: I allow my magic!
sparkling and attracting
Step 6: I acknowledge my wisdom!
wise and clear
Step 7: I look at my life from a higher perspective!
daring and successful
Step 8: I know that matter is an Illusion!
instinctive and connected
Step 9: I live my beauty!
lightful and graceful
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Together we will find out how you can integrate the qualities of the nine animals within you.

“Often our own light is so bright that we blind ourselves”

Angélique Morio

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