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Ebook: “At the end of the comfort zone.”

Do you ever get the feeling that nothing seems to work anymore? Are you searching for fulfilment, peace, … meaning? Many of us are feeling the change now. We are entering a new time that needs new ways. Away from the head. Towards our intuition.
But who are we actually when we take off all our masks? When we no longer define ourselves by knowledge and performance? When we are no longer guided by beliefs and patterns, but by our heart?

With the death of her grandmother, Angélique Morio discovers her clairvoyance, which she does not want to admit at first. Over time, she walks her path and takes us by the hand with this extraordinary guide. She outlines her journey in the form of a star map with 9 coordinates, each representing a power animal, a message, and an affirmation. This book is the beginning of a new relationship with ourselves, where love and insight carry us – towards ourselves and our very own path.

Accompanying the book is a 50+ page self-reflection workbook and downloadable guided meditation.


Remember who you really are: a divine spark in a sea of possibilities.” – Angélique Morio

Channeled Session

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Business Consulting

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“The worst crash landings in my life have produced the best results in hindsight.”

Angélique Morio

Free of charge & beneficial

From an eagle’s perspective, remember that your challenges are part of your development.

Set out for a new time where your uniqueness can become a beacon.

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Do your business with love

In this free webinar you will find out where you stand in a loving inventory. You will learn how to make fresh decisions based on your heart and how to implement them successfully in your life and business for more power and ease.

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Please book a free 20-minute meet & greet session. So you can get a feeling whether I am a suitable companion for you.

And I can honestly tell you whether I can accompany you in a beneficial way.

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Helpful insights

Do you leave enough space for your soul to work with you?

Find out how much space you leave for your soul to work with you. And what you can do to be more connected with it.

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