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 Embrace 40+:
An empowering new journey

This mentoring program is for you:

You are a 40+ woman in the second phase of your life, searching for something you can’t put into words.

You feel there must be more than breathing and paying bills.
There is a longing
 within you, hoping for deeper meaning and fulfillment in life and business.

With a range of materials, the mentoring program will help you gain clarity, confidence, and resilience to move forward in life and business in a powerful way.

Your 1:1 personalized mentoring sessions will give you the full support you need to make impactful decisions and sustainable change.

Your Energetic Signature

… is as unique as your fingerprint, shaped by your innate talents, your insights, and your passion for life and business underpinned by your story.

This distinctive energy leads you to discover deep meaning in every endeavor and to walk your unique path authentically.

We support you to spot and live your energetic signature:

Mentoring Program

This mentoring program, which can last up to 6-months, picks you up where you are right now in your life and business, and we start from there.

You will boldly and bravely learn to adjust your life and business during your ride.

Your energetic signature will become your navigation tool to set a course for your unique path. 

 These are the different areas we focus on:


Understand your past

We will reflect on which circumstances brought you to the present situation and what is no longer suitable in your life and business.


Master your hurdles

We will look at your hurdles from another perspective and how you can use them as important stepping stones for the second phase of your life.


Find your uniqueness

We will discover what is unique within you and get a fabulous and accurate picture of your natural predispositions.


Rediscover your true meaning

From a higher perspective, we will gain a better feel for what your true purpose is and how you should be expressing yourself at 40+.


Apply your brilliance

We gain clarity on applying your brilliance in life and business and compare different options that align with your uniqueness.


Stand in your own truth

We will define a plan and implement the steps toward your mission so that your energetic signature guides you in life and business at 40+.


Our promise to you

By taking you by the hand and creating a nurturing environment, together we will discover
the YOU that you are meant to be in the second phase of your life.

Tailwind for your Realization

Together we will focus on six building blocks in a solution-orientated and practical way to set you on your journey.

1:1 Mentoring

There are eight 60 minutes live 1:1 sessions. Also, you will be able to get support through emails and short calls.


By compiling mental and emotional inventories, you will understand where you are and how far you have come.

Psychic support

Together with my spiritual helpers, we will look at your questions and hurdles from a different perspective to step up.


This tool ensures you reflect on your personal growth without losing sight of your goals and aspirations coherently.

Potential profile

You will gain absolute clarity regarding your uniqueness and how to apply this in your life or business.

Frequency work

Meditations and frequency work will support your focus and quickly raise your natural vibrational frequency.

Embark on a transformative 6-month journey with Empower Your Soul. This powerful experience will guide you towards genuine and enduring results, free from feeling overwhelmed, as you navigate the next phase of your life and business.

Our promise to you

With us, you will gain the ability and assurance to navigate your authentic journey at 40+ toward self-discovery and growth.

Empower your soul and unlock the courage to embark on a journey towards a thriving and meaningful life and business.

Stand boldly for your dreams, undeterred by the opinions of others.

Aligning your inner unfolding with your external reality, let your heart and mind unite, ensuring coherence in every step you take.


  • Empower your soul with clarity and harness its power in your life and business.
  • See challenges as growth opportunities, guided by spiritual helpers.
  • Make impactful decisions that align with your true self, empowering yourself and your business.
  • Uncover your distinctive path, simplifying actions that propel you towards your goals.
  • Experience growth and success through lifelong tools that bring confidence and grace in all areas of your life and business.

The mentoring includes your potential profile with detailed feedback and five 60-minute sessions.

You will get additional e-mail support and short calls between the sessions when needed.

Moreover, you will benefit from self-reflections, meditations, visualizations, frequency work, a gratitude journal and a workbook that will guide you along the way.

2.600 EURO plus VAT

Our promise to you

You will gain a profound understanding of your true potential and embark on the next phase of your life with unwavering clarity.

Experiences and Results

We are so proud of our clients.

Every day our clients surprise us by showing us the enormous and positive changes that happen in their lives and businesses as a result of the mentoring programs we offer.

Dear Angélique, your crystal clear perceptions enabled me to release the brakes, to bring my full potential into the world.

You didn’t know anything about me and with minimal information, you everytime pinpointed the connections that were hindering my progress. Chapeau!

Lovingly you have given me the truth that leads on. Your serene way of working is wonderful and leads directly into the ability to act!

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!

Stephanie Neubacher

Dear Angélique, for me you are an angel in human form. Already in the first free meeting you offered me a lot of added value and even more in the subsequent accompaniment. The combination of your medial and intuitive gifts with your rich experience as a business consultant is unique.

Your huge heart and your unbelievable accuracy make you THE contact person when someone is looking for clarity about their professional path. I recommend you wholeheartedly.

Gabriela Senn

Dear Angélique,
I woke up to my issue through very enlightening sessions with you. It was a real aha experience for me. Through your information, I am clearer, feel more unburdened and have regained more inner freedom.

The last image we worked on has a lasting effect. Another saying came to my mind: „Get out of old shoes.“ And for me: not in them at all! How cool!

Thank you so much for the warmest „there is a lot of space in my shoe rack again.“

Bianca Nather